Sr High Serve and Lead Camp

Counselor N Training

June 4-8, 2017

To start our summer, and to continue our growing Counselor N Training program, responsible Sr. highs will learn from staff  thru service projects, team building and mock scenarios.   Please arrive between 5-6pm on Sunday Afternoon.  Plan to stay for a celebration dinner with the staff Thursday evening.  Sr High Youth will learn our policies and curriculum as part of the Counselor N Training preparation. Upon successful completion they may return as volunteers throughout the rest of the summer.  The Counselors N Training will be placed in roles as needed to serve alongside the Summer Staff during the other summer camp programs.  If you are interested in getting paid throughout the summer we have a limited number of lifeguard positions that we can pay a stipend and reimburse you for your lifeguard certification, be sure to check that box in the skills/interests section.

Open to students who have completed Grades: 9-11

Cost: Tier I $210 / Tier II $280 / Tier III: $350

Campers are discouraged from bringing their cars to camp. Those who must bring cars to the camp will be asked to check-in the keys at the time of registration. For reasons of safety, access to the cars during the camp session will be restricted.


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