Wish List


As we try to develop new programs, maintain and update our facilities there are things that we need and wish for to make that happen.  Many of them are listed below, if you or your church are able to provide these things coordinate with the Camp Director and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!  Your gift of time or items (new or gently used) will be appreciated by many campers young and old.


Smaller Items:

New Welcome Signs

Flip Charts/Easels

Music Stands

Insulate Cabin 4 attic

Emergency Lighting Batteries

New Pool Vacuum Hose

Medium Serving Bowls

Mouse proof storage tubs


Time Activities:

Controlled burns (Glades)

Control poison ivy & weeds

Paint Cabin 7 Exterior

Replace Screen Doors

Adopt a Cabin

Add A/C unit to Cabin 7

Rake & Maintain Trails

Make Mulch with chipper

Clean off Dam back & front

Prep Garden & Compost

Remodel the Basement

Clean up Cabins past 7


Larger Items:

Portable Generator


Small Trailer

Repaint Pool floor

Surveillance Cameras

Gravel (Road Rock 1”)

Small Group Shelters

Washer and Dryer


Redo Main lodge ceiling