Covenant Point Camp & Retreat Center

Fall 2017 Camp Director’s Report

Thank you for entrusting this special place to me           

Covenant Point has always been a special place for me, know that I am sad to leave.  There is never a good time to leave a place that you love, but God is asking me to step away in faith and trust that all will work out for the better.  We all will miss the relationships we have found at camp and my family will miss the 160 acres of backyard, but it will be good to be close to Sara’s grandma and our family in Michigan. I am excited to see how the next person will improve camp.


This summer went well.  Thanks to a successful online registration system,, I can quickly give accurate numbers for our programs.  We had 2 Sr. Highs join our staff as Counselors in Training.  Both of them have grown up coming to camp and were inspired to be staff from their experiences at Covenant Point. Mary Riley led us in a week of Elementary Camp with 13 campers and a crazy theme for each day.  The Disciples of Christ programs started out this year filling every bed that we have plus a few cots we had to borrow, needless to say we were busy in the kitchen.  In July, I was glad to have Kirby in the new Program Director role as she helped set the schedules and allowed the pastors to just focus on the campers and the bible messages.  We had 12 campers for our Mid-High week and 23 for Night Owl Camp.  If you are adding that up, we get to 50 campers easy.  Our combined Try It Camp/Mom Dad and ME weekend with the Disciples totaled 17 campers and adults.  I normally add staff and other volunteers for the summer but even with those we seem to have fallen short of 100 lives touched by our programs.  This is down a bit from previous years and less reflected was that many were last minute decisions, more than other years.  Promotion could be done outside of our churches but it worries me that several of our churches are not sending youth to Covenant Point at all.  In order for our camp to be strong all our churches need to support it with campers and volunteers. The Eclipse Luncheon and viewing was a great event that hopefully built up some excitement for camp.  We had more than 100 adults, 30 youth, 24 quilts and raised over $7,000.00


I end every week of camp by thanking the parents for sharing their kids with us.  Sometimes I go into it further with the parents, but this connects back to where I start each year with my staff.  I point out that these parents are trusting us with one of their most precious belongings.  This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly and so I end my time here as camp director in a similar way saying thank you. You have entrusted me with so much, not only have you shared the youth of the presbytery, but an amazing place with diverse ecology, and over 20 years of stories. Our camp is truly the most precious belonging of the presbytery.  I saw it, felt it and lived it; I took my best efforts at improving camp with something new each year, and tirelessly cared for and maintained all of it so that this presbytery has that super important place to get away from the everyday and connect with God and one another.  This place is so special, savor it!


Thank you again, & farewell from my family to yours,     Rob & Sara, Avrie, Quinn, Ella & Finley