Covenant Point Camp & Retreat Center


I am super excited to finally have online registration setup that will help automate so many things and improve the quality of care we can give the campers.

As with anything new and improved there are a few things to learn and get used to.  I hope to cover most of them here and with the support information they have provided but feel free to reach out to me by phone or email to help resolve any issues that may arise.

To register for camp go to

You will be asked to enter your email address, this is the way you will log into their secure database to return later and complete parts that you didn’t get to before you were interrupted.  It is ok, we all are and this saves along the way for you and lets you comeback to where you left off.  One of the exciting features is that each campers allergies, health history, and medications logs are recorded here so that any information that we need in case of emergency care is quick and easy to access.  It also keeps track of any care we give each camper and remembers your info each year so that this year is the only one that will take several interruptions to get it all entered.  With that said, in order to maintain security older browsers like Internet Explorer 9 are not supported.

Once you have selected a password, you get to enter a little info about yourself.  This contact information will be used to keep in touch with you about Covenant Point.

Then you will be ready to start entering the Campers info and select their Grade for the next fall semester in order to see what camps they are eligible to attend.


This webinar is a valuable resource on how to navigate through CampDoc:

If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to contact me, but please consider the knowledge base ( a resource for you as well!
Also, here is the link to our recommended browsers:
There are several additional features that offers that we have never had before that I wanted to utilize this year.  Protection Plans and CampGrams
CampGrams are one way messages that you can send your camper and they will receive each day with the mail

See you at Camp,

Camp Director