Covenant Point Camp & Retreat Center

Fall 2016 Camp Director’s Report

Productive in the “Off Season”


Several churches have gotten involved at camp this fall to get some big things accomplished.


Bethel Salem Presbyterian Church showed up with a skid steer and a great crew to take down some of the old unstable cabins that we haven’t been able to use lately.  It is sad to see structures like the old Pastor’s Retreat go down, but structurally it hasn’t been able to be used for several years and it will open up a space to start fresh.


As it cools off we will finish getting this site cleaned up and hopefully take down a cabin or two more that are in need of too much stabilization and work to use.


First Presbyterian Church of Jefferson City took on a little bit of demolition too, by removing and replacing the moss covered shingles with nice new ones on both Cabins 2 and 4.  The best we can tell these where the original shingles for these cabins.  The plywood was in pretty good shape so with the help of the Senior Highs and some competent dads we are moss free again.



The camp committee is in the final stages of publishing our 2016 Strategic Plan.  The projects above are just a couple of the many improvements and changes that we are looking to make over the next 3 years as we prepare for a celebration of this ministry of Missouri Union Presbytery. As we live into our Strategic Plan for the camp and our goals for the presbytery, we would welcome any skills or commitments your churches can make towards any of the items on the back of this page or that I mention and share once our Strategic Plan is finalized.

See you at Camp,

Rob Hoell

Covenant Point Camp and Retreat Center, Director